Antiquary, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A few miles to the east of Shipley, and several miles away and very much smaller than East Grinstead. Once a workers’ village supporting the big house.

Today all that is left are a few houses and two churches. One Church of England, the other Roman Catholic. In the graveyard of the Catholic church are two interesting graves, belonging to the author Hillaire Belloc, and also Wing Commander Vincent Byrne, who shot down the first aircraft for the RAF in World War 2, albeit in dubious circumstances.

Up until the closure of the Horsham to Shoreham railway line in the 1960s, West Grinstead had a railway station, whose principal customer was the nearby Stud Farm. The railway line is now a popular walking trail.

West Grinstead is 14 miles north-east of Pulborough

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