Charlesdrakew, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Shipley is a small residential village close to the A24 and A272 roads, surrounded by farmland, and with an interesting history.

It is situated adjacent to the Knepp Safari Park Estate, which is fast becoming famous for its Re-Wilding project, turning unproductive farmland into a nature reserve for wildlife in its natural habitat.

In the 1920s the author Hillaire Belloc, lived here and owned the windmill, referred to, by him as “Mrs Shipley”. He was also instrumental in saving the South Downs from over development.

The church is of interest, standing on the site of a previous building once owned by The Knights Templar, who were an order of warrior monks. Today, vegetation in the churchyard is kept under control by a flock of sheep.

Shipley is 10 miles north-east of Pulborough along pretty country lanes.

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